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Washington DC Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lauren+James

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this wonderful couple during their engagement session amidst the Washington D.C. cherry blossoms. Despite the cold, windy morning, their warmth and love made the experience truly amazing.

Lauren and James met on a dating app and felt an instant connection, having their first date within a week. In a funny mishap before their date, Lauren accidentally sent James a mirror picture meant for a friend, complete with a cat litter box in the background. Despite the embarrassment, that photo showed Lauren’s personality, which James quickly fell for. They talked for hours on their first date. At the end of the night, James walked Lauren to her apartment, hugged her goodbye, and walked three blocks to his apartment believing he found the love of his life.

A month later, James shared he was likely going on active duty with the Army and would be going away for a year. While telling Lauren, he built a house of Jenga blocks, promising a future together if they could make it work. And this was the moment Lauren knew she had found someone special. They spent the next year traveling to see each other, visiting eight states and exploring many cities. This was the start of their lifelong goal to travel and create memories together.

After nearly a year of long-distance dating, James and Lauren planned an incredible trip to Antigua. James secretly learned Lauren’s ring size, bought a ring, and hid it in his carry-on. At the hotel, he hid the ring in a sofa cushion. Later, while at the pool, James sneaked away to meet with a resort photographer and planned a sunset proposal on a pier. During a photo session, as the sun was setting, the photographer positioned Lauren facing the ocean, then stepped back as James proposed. Lauren turned around, saw James on one knee, and as they, the rest is history!

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