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Old Town Alexandria Spring Engagement Session // Ella + Tim

How They Met

Ella and Tim met through their mutual friend, OkCupid in 2013. A first date was set on a December Saturday. As Tim recalls, the forecast was calling for heavy snow that day so he left Baltimore plenty early to make it to their 1pm lunch date at Zento Sushi in Old Town Alexandria. As he waited, he was the only customer at the restaurant and the waiter kept refilling his water. Ella arrived late, 10 or 30 minutes depending on who is telling the story, but as Tim describes: “Regardless, when the door opened, the wind and snow rushed in along with an aura of her beauty. She hung up her scarf and we introduced ourselves. We quickly bonded over our love of asian food, traveling, Disney, and being Filipinos.” After lunch the two grabbed some Starbucks and several hours later, Tim offered to walk Ella back to her place. As he sent her off, he describes telling Ella that “she had mesmerizing eyes that I needed to see again”. Ella also describes feeling butterflies every time she thought of Tim after their first date. It was only fitting we ended their engagement session where it all began!

The Proposal

Ella loves the book and movie “A Walk to Remember” so in October 2018, Tim thoughtfully planned the proposal where the couple visited all the places from the movie in North Carolina and ended with the proposal! This dynamic power-duo of a Coast Guard Officer and a Doctor loves traveling, scuba diving, museums and movies. Here’s wishing them a lifetime of adventures together. Oh, OkCupid predicted a 94% match, but after their engagement session I can attest this sweet couple is definitely 100% match!! Very excited to celebrate their wedding in just a few weeks!


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